and we'll all fall down in the end.
Life is a mess. You're a mess. I'm a mess.


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nine years ago today a family who’s life had just been shattered by the loss of their son/brother/husband/best friend somehow saw through their grief and decided to donate his organs.

because of this man, because of his family, i am alive.

and i’d just like to take the time to say thank you. thank you to everyone who has listed on their driver’s license that they want to be an organ donor. thank you to the families that said yes to saving another person’s life when they had just lost everything. thank you to anyone that has ever been a live donor. thank you to the people who donate blood and bone marrow. thank you to the nurses and doctors and surgeons and all the other people who spent their days keeping a 9-year-old little girl happy and hopeful and alive inside of a grey, industrial hospital in the middle of denver, colorado nine years ago. without any of you, i would be dead.

so thank you. thank you thank you thank you.

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